Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Alliance TechSolutions, we prioritize your satisfaction and privacy. We take several measures to ensure your safety and enhance your experience with us. This includes safeguarding and respecting the privacy of personal information obtained through our website. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy practices, please feel free to contact us using the following methods:

- Phone: (208) 421-9802

- Email:

- Mail: Alliance TechSolutions, 468 Addison Ave W Twin Falls, ID 83301

Credit Card Numbers

When you authorize a purchase online with Alliance TechSolutions, the personal information collected is used solely to complete your order. Credit card transactions are conducted through a secure server. Your credit card number is stored temporarily, only for the duration of the charge process. Once the transaction is completed, the number is promptly removed from our server to ensure your safety and privacy.

Email Addresses

We understand the inconvenience of receiving unsolicited emails. Rest assured, your email address will never be shared or sold to any external parties, even those you may be interested in. This means that when you provide your email address to us for ordering or account purposes, you will not receive any other emails as a result. Our regular emails are limited to order confirmations, customer inquiries, or important announcements.

Personal Information

Your privacy is paramount to us. Any names or addresses provided are used exclusively by you as our customer and by Alliance TechSolutions for ordering or shipping purposes. While we take measures to secure your information, it's essential to acknowledge the inherent risks associated with disclosing information, particularly via email. Therefore, we advise against including confidential information (such as credit card details or social security numbers) in email communications. For added protection, our email responses will never include confidential information.

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